Tuesday, May 2

PGA.com: The Man Who Shot 123 on the PGA Tour

AT THE 1974 TALLAHASSEE OPEN, journeyman Mike Reasor made the cut after shooting a 71. And then something strange happened. Reasor shot what are believed to be the two highest scores recorded on the PGA Tour.

Mike Reasor
On Saturday, he shot a 123. On Sunday, a 114.

You can read the full story at PGA.com. But I'll share a bit here.

After that second round of 71, Reasor and a friend rode horses. You can imagine what happened next. The PGA Tour pro was tossed out of the saddle when his horse named "Bandy" took off unexpectedly in a full gallop.

Reasor suffered a separated left shoulder, strained knee ligaments and two cracked ribs. Today, that would result in a withdrawal from the tournament. But not 43 years ago. If Reasor could finish the Tallahassee Open, he would be exempt into the next event he played.

So that's what Reasor did; he finished.

Reasor played using his one good arm, his right, swinging a 5-iron. He hit it about 120 yards. He also used a wedge and putter.

In addition, he had to keep up with his playing partners. And he did that, too.

"On the last three holes on Saturday," Reasor later told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "word had gotten around the course what this crazy fool was doing. We had more people watching us than the leaders."

Reasor finished with a total of 381, which was 93-over par and 107 shots behind winner Allen Miller.

For his PGA Tour career from 1969 to 1978, Reasor played in 241 events, made 102 cuts and had 10 top-10 finishes.

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