Tuesday, July 25

2017 Open: Jordan Spieth's Final Round Clubs, Yardages, Putts and Scoring

JORDAN SPIETH PLAYED A ROLLER COASTER final round at the 2017 Open Championship that is among the most memorable in the British Isles, where golf has reigned for centuries.

Spieth's 69 was a dramatic tale of losing his game, and then finding it again on the incoming nine of Royal Birkdale Golf Club. His 5-under surge on the last five holes is unrivaled in the history of closing out majors.

With 11 PGA Tour wins including three major championships within three days of his 24th birthday, Spieth is in the conversation with all-time greats Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. He will try to deflect those comparisons. Good luck with that.

(H/T Geoff Shackelford)

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