Tuesday, October 3

The Only Real Fix for the Presidents Cup

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MANY YEARS AGO I RECALL SOMEONE in basketball saying that a holiday hoops tournament is when you invite three teams you can beat and call it a "Classic."

I thought about that as the United States chalked up another victory in the Presidents Cup at Liberty National Golf Club over the weekend.

"Honestly, it was really weird being out there today, knowing there was no chance of losing," said Dustin Johnson, who won all five of his matches.

As a concept, the Presidents Cup is a great idea: Have a team competition in the Ryder Cup off years.

The trouble is, it hasn't been much of a competition, has it? The Americans, after a 19-11 rout at Liberty National, are now 10-1-1 since it all began in 1994, including seven straight wins.

That's not much of a "Cup." It's more of an embarrassment. Unless this whole deal is more or less an exhibition, as someone sort of suggested.

"As we are prone to do with post-Cup assessments," wrote Geoff Shackelford, "the suggestions for change and forming of task forces lose sight of the role these events play as exhibitions. The Internationals may have been routed last week, but they were still a part of a valuable experience that will help their games and exposed them to the media capital of the world. The Presidents Cup was beamed all over the world and viewers saw moments of great passion along with historic visits from Presidents past and present."

The only real fix for the Presidents Cup is for the Internationals to win every once in a while, like at least one in three. But that's obviously not working. Not yet at least.

Which means most of the golf world is not very excited about late September 2019 in Melbourne.

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