Tuesday, December 5

VIDEO: Reborn Through Golf: The Inspiring Story of Young Lester Bell Jr.

DOING RESEARCH ON VARIOUS GOLF TOPICS, I ran across the story of Lester Bell Jr. (above). The video is dated, from 2013, but the story is ongoing. (I found the below clip from 2016.)

Golf as a game, and the people in golf, can inspire and transform lives. This is one of those stories. And it takes place at historic Cedar Crest in Dallas, Texas, which hosted the 1927 PGA Championship won by Walter Hagen.

Maybe you have eight minutes to enjoy this true story of a desperate kid who is saved by a game played right across the street from his dilapidated apartment.

#ThxPGAPro - Ira McGraw Jr./Lester Bell Jr. from PGA of America on Vimeo.

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