Monday, February 12

PGA TOUR VIDEO: Inside the Mind of Putting Artist Jordan Spieth

IF YOU'VE WATCHED THE PGA TOUR and major championships in recent years, then surely you've seen major champion and world No. 3 Jordan Spieth roll in putts from everywhere.

Those Spieth putts go in from all distances, on all varieties of greens and grasses, and in all types of course conditions and pressure situations.

How does Jordan Spieth do it? What is he thinking?

In the above video, Spieth explains a lot in 3:26 about his approach to putting and his mindset on lightning fast, sloping greens. (I took notes.)

"It's kind of like a magic time for me," Spieth says about preparing to putt.

"It's speed, speed, speed," he adds. "I'm really good on longer putts at picking a midpoint, like an apex of a line."

(Yes, we've noticed.)

"You have to have so much of an imagination when you get on fast greens with slopes," he says. "In order for me to shoot the lowest score possible, I may as well trust this. And if I'm thinking with that attitude, I'm playing my best golf.

"I don't have anything to lose. What do I have to lose in golf? I've accomplished probably more than I ever could have imagined," he says.

"I'm seeing the movie of the putt. The artistry of the putt. And I find so much fun in that, that it allows me to want to practice it more and more."

OK, so we'll never putt like Jordan Spieth. But maybe we can adopt something from his unique approach and attitude on the greens. That could make a real difference. As he says, there's nothing to lose.

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