Monday, June 4

Jeff Babineau's Remembrance of Hall-of-Fame Golfer Carol Mann

I'VE HAD THIS IN MY EMAIL INBOX for nearly two weeks and am sorry I didn't share it earlier.

Carol Mann won 38 tournaments,
including two majors.
LPGA star Carol Mann died recently and veteran golf journalist Jeff Babineau wrote a terrific article about her in MORNING READ.

Babineau got to know Mann through the years and captures her well in his first-person piece, including her love and stewardship of the game.

Here's how it starts:
The year was 2006, and I had what was scheduled to be an easy assignment: A two-hour ride from Orlando, Fla., up I-95 to the World Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine, a short tour, and then a few quick words with Hall of Fame member Carol Mann, the 38-time LPGA champion and 1977 inductee who had taken a role as liaison between the hall and its members. I'd be home early. 
Six hours after I arrived in St. Augustine, there I was, still sitting on an outdoor patio across a table from Carol. An overflowing ash tray on the table held Marlboro Lights wedged in like logs. My cassette recorder had run out of tape hours ago. The two of us sat there, talking about golf – its rich past and its promising future – but mostly about life, and all of its inherent challenges.

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