Friday, August 24

THE MATCH: Tiger vs. Phil on Thanksgiving Weekend in Las Vegas

THE TIGER WOODS-PHIL MICKELSON match is on. The golf titans (or old warhorses?) will square off on Thanksgiving weekend at Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas. It's a $9 million winner-take-all match.

"We're going to have fun doing something that's never been done before," Tiger said, "and have on pay-per-view and doing something, trying to showcase golf and showcase golf in a different way."

Judging from social media, many are not enthusiastic about this event.

Associated Press golf writer Doug Ferguson said on Facebook:

"Tiger v. Phil feels phony to me. The whole Tiger-Phil thing is 10 years past its due date. Phil joins Twitter the day of the announcement. That was about as genuine as the “trash talk” that is sure to follow. Pay-per-view. Makes you wonder how many networks had a chance to take it and said no. And then to steal the name from 'The Match' featuring Hogan and Nelson vs. Ward and Venturi."

"Tiger vs Phil. Does anybody really care?" asked

I would watch this match if it was on TV. Pay per view? It seems doubtful at the moment.

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