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The Golf Ball Guide: Golf Ball Care

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TODAY'S GOLF BALLS ARE very durable and offer consistent performance thanks to advances in technology and the highest-quality manufacturing standards.

That said, there are simple things golfers can do to get the most from this essential piece of equipment.

During and after play, clean your golf ball to remove any dirt, mud, grass stains, or other material. And clean it often, like when you get to the green (after marking) and/or before you begin playing a new hole. It only takes a few seconds.

Why be so fussy about golf ball cleanliness?

Because flight, direction and roll are adversely affected when a golf ball carries foreign debris. For the same performance reasons, remove a golf ball from play if you see scuffs, cuts and other imperfections.

A pro tip for keeping your golf balls warm: Place a towel in the bottom of a large pot and fill the pot with two quarts of very hot tap water. Soak golf balls for 30 minutes. Then dry the balls and store them in air-tight food bags. On the golf course, rotate your golf balls every few holes to keep them as warm as possible. This will improve performance.


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