Tuesday, March 19

Who's the Greatest: Tiger or Jack?

I RAN ACROSS THIS CLIP from The Players Championship. Tiger Woods answered the question with good humor.

The career wins (major and other) of Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, the two greatest players of their eras, are pretty similar overall and miles ahead of everyone else.

So, who's the GOAT? And what's your criteria?

(I know Tiger isn't finished. He might bag a few more wins.)

I've often noticed that one's answer to this question depends on their age. There's a generational bias.


John said...

Neither....Ben Hogan

Neil Sagebiel said...

OK, Hogan. Why? What's the rationale?

Ryan said...

I think it depends on a person's individual definition of the best...Obviously, Jack has the most majors. But if Tiger's life doesn't derail, I think he smashes that record. I also think Tiger had the chance to crush every golf stat recorded, and I think he is the actual "best" player ever. He could play any shot, putted at a high level, and his short game was unreal. He dominated at every level, and at his best, was nearly unbeatable.