Tuesday, April 23

Goat Caddies Expand at Silvies Valley Ranch in Eastern Oregon

via The Golf Wire

SILVIES VALLEY RANCH, a 140,000 acre eco-resort featuring four stand-alone award-winning golf experiences will open for its second full golf season on May 1. Recognized by Golfweek, Golf Digest, GOLF Magazine and Golf Inc. for its creative approach to the golf experience, The Links at Silvies Valley Ranch intertwines amazing golf opportunities with the natural vegetation and expansive views of Frontier, Oregon.

The resort's 18-hole designs, Craddock and Hankins, which were named among the top four best new golf courses to open in 2018 by Golf Digest, have matured over the last year and are in prime condition to host avid and novice golfers alike.

New this year, the world famous Silvies Valley Ranch goat caddies will be available to assist players on both short courses at the property – McVeigh's Gauntlet, the 7-hole challenge course, named Best New Golf Experience by GOLF Magazine in 2018, and Chief Egan, the 9-hole par-3 course.

"The four courses at Silvies are shaping up nicely for our second full season of golf," said Sean Hoolehan, golf course superintendent.

"I'm grateful to work with an owner who respects the land and provides the opportunity to care for these award-winning courses in an ecological and sustainable way. We're looking forward to welcoming players from across the country to Silvies Valley Ranch this season."


Oneunder said...

The golf caddie is part pack mule, golf ball finder, golf ball retriever, doctor, servant, garbage man, golf psychiatrist, sports analyst, bodyguard, nursemaid, golf club cleaner, golf ball washer, green keeper, golf course guide, navigator, surgeon, seamstress, enemy, and friend. A GPS system, golf course ranger, golf course security guard, whipping post and sometimes spouse. The important question is can these caddies read greens ?

Neil Sagebiel said...

I think they can eat greens. But I doubt they can read greens.