Tuesday, May 21

How Long Will Brooks Koepka's Major Victory March Last?

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TWO DAYS AFTER BROOKS KOEPKA closed out his fourth major victory at the PGA Championship in what seems like a nanosecond (23 months), I'm here to remind us that golf is a fickle game.

There's no way to know how long Koepka's major victory march will last. He might have a few more in his pocket, whether they come fast or over several years. Or it could be over, as improbable as that might seem.

Remember Rory McIlroy? Remember Jordan Spieth?

Both young men were on the cover of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. For Spieth, it was "JORDAN RULES" and "The Spieth Era Begins Now." Well, that era didn't last very long.

Sure, Rory and Jordan are far from done. But, no, they aren't the second coming of Tiger Woods, that special player who would dominate the game for a decade or more. Nor is Brooks Koepka, in my estimation. There's only one Tiger. There was only one Jack.

I like Koepka. I like his toughness. I like that big chip on his muscular shoulder. If he can win a third consecutive U.S. Open at Pebble Beach next month, he, too, will be on the cover of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and probably on the cover of other major publications. It will be a monumental achievement.

But it's still a long majors road to 8 (Tom Watson), 9 (Ben Hogan and Gary Player), 11 (Walter Hagen), 15 (Tiger Woods) and 18 (Jack Nicklaus).

A lot can happen. Like those four consecutive bogeys late on Sunday. Because golf is a fickle game. That's why we love it and hate it ... and keep coming back for more.

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