Monday, May 29

Things Are About to Change

Day 9 without playing golf

When I started this blog late last summer, I hadn’t played much golf for a number of years. (Like 10 years.)

Kids, work and family life had turned me into an armchair golfer -- someone who, at best, might catch a little golf on TV and play a few times a year. Being a family man -- and someone who had the good fortune of playing a lot when I was young -- I accepted this. It was a different season in my life, a season that didn't include much golf. Plus, I always figured I would get back to playing this great game again.

Well, I got something in the mail on Saturday, and things are about to change. The timing couldn’t be better. And I look forward to telling you more. Come on back.

The Armchair Golfer

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Anonymous said...

awwww tell us! tell us!