Monday, July 9

Pat Perez Interview at Down the Middle

I just completed a Q&A with Pat Perez of the PGA Tour. Take a look at Down the Middle.

Here's a taste, especially of interest to amateur golfers (basically all of us):

Me: You play in a lot of pro-ams. What general advice would you give to amateur golfers?

Pat Perez: Have fun with it. If you’re not doing it for a living or to earn a check, don’t kill yourself out there. Some Wednesdays I’m out there playing with the suits and some of these guys are really trying to beat me. It can be pretty funny at times. But seriously, people just need to get out there and enjoy the experience of playing on a tournament-ready course and playing with Tour pros. Don’t worry about your score. Enjoy the day.

Read the entire Q&A here.

The Armchair Golfer

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Anonymous said...

The best comment I've ever heard from a PGA touring pro about advice to his amateur partners was something to the effect that they all tried to impress him and he didn't care what they did or how they played. He only cared about their game if they were playing him for money. Perhaps a little crude, but also something worth considering.