Friday, July 20

Peter Alliss’s Baby Weight and Other Burning Questions

It’s Open week and people are scouring the Web for all manner of Open golf-related facts. For example, someone stopped by here this morning wanting to know “how heavy was Peter Alliss as a baby?” (Peter Alliss is a BBC golf commentator and was a golf professional who won three British PGA Championships and played on eight Ryder Cup teams.)

Unfortunately, all they found at the ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG was a story about Alliss’s matchplay secrets and how he beat Arnold Palmer in the Ryder Cup.

Being the curious sort, I poked around for more information on Alliss. I did find a very recent Peter Alliss Q&A at BBC SPORT Golf. It covered some fairly interesting ground, but Alliss wasn’t asked about his weight.

So how heavy was Peter Alliss as a baby? I can’t say with any certainty. I’ll guess eight pounds. Please chime in if you know the answer or have an opinion.

I do know that Alliss has been a golf commentator for 46 years. He was a baby for about one year, although some might disagree. I grew up listening to Peter Alliss, and like him or not the Open wouldn’t be the same without him.

The Armchair Golfer


Anonymous said...

Why in the world would anyone care or want to know how much he weighed as a baby? Surely, somebody must be jesting here.

Anonymous said...

It was a Google search. Apparently someone really wanted to know.

PlatinumBlonde said...

He just mentioned on BBC he was 14lbs 10oz and it was a European record for many years.