Monday, July 23

This Week: Q&A with Chris Lewis, Author of ‘The Scorecard Always Lies’

What’s it really like behind the scenes at the British Open?

We all get to see the drama unfold on the golf course, but where is Tiger staying, what’s he doing to kill time and why would he say things like “the golf seems pretty unimportant” before the final round of a major he’s leading?

SI golf correspondent Chris Lewis spent 2006 shadowing the world’s best players and some of the lesser-known (but often quirky) Tour pros to write his first book, The Scorecard Always Lies: A Year Behind the Scenes on the PGA Tour.

I love this kind of golf book. Lewis is a fly on the wall, and although there are some mistakes (the book was completed in half the normal time), he takes you on an entertaining journey inside the players’ lives, on and off the course.

Author Q&A

Tuesday I'll post my Q&A with Chris Lewis at Down the Middle. Wednesday you can read it here.

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