Wednesday, August 15

I Broke My Putter

I broke my putter today. No, I didn't throw it. I didn't snap it over my knee or bend it a la Woody Austin.

(I don't throw clubs. If anything, they should throw me.)

A Slotline putter similar to the one pictured, I leaned on it while retrieving my ball from the first hole and the head snapped off just below the shaft.

I was shocked. I guess I wore it out.

I bought the putter in 1987 in the pro shop of Jackson Municipal Golf Course in Seattle. That's a lot of history with one putter. The last time I used it two weeks ago I made about everything I looked at, which is unusual for me.

Now I think I know why. It was our last hurrah.

I need a new putter by next Wednesday. Any suggestions?

The Armchair Golfer


Tom Blogical said...

Suggestions? Whatever feels comfortable, and don't turn your nose at trying any of them, even the used ones. Preferably, the one that makes the most putts! ;-)

You may even try looking for the same brand on eBay, if you really liked it a lot.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time for a belly putter. Seems like it's made a difference for our friend Sergio.

I read that Taylor Made is doing a limited edition run of putters that are the identical specs.

Who knows ...maybe you'll place second in your next golf outing.

Anonymous said...

Tom: Good advice. And I would NEVER turn my nose at trying a putter. Well, with one possible exception. See below.

noisemaker: I'll go the belly putter if you can guarantee me a second place in the British Open. Otherwise, I'm afraid my pride won't allow it -- yet.

Anonymous said...

I can maybe help someone with a few things but putting is not one of those things. The only way I've been able to make a 3 footer for the past couple of years is to misread it and then screw up hitting it. Good luck!

GRIP Golf said...

Always out for the shameless plug. GRIP Golf will comp you a Sweetness Putter in exchange for the review on your Blog......