Monday, August 6

Song Dedication for Rory Sabbatini

I wouldn’t expect the relatively young Rory Sabbatini to know the work of the 1970s singer-songwriter Jim Croce. But after watching parts of the final round of the WGC Bridgestone Invitational, I would like to point out the chorus of one of Croce’s many hit oldies to the brash South African:

Chorus of “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim”

And they say you don’t tug on Superman’s cape
You don’t spit into the wind
You don’t pull the mask off an ‘ole Lone Ranger
And you don’t mess around with Jim

There’s a message in there somewhere.

The Armchair Golfer


Anonymous said...

It's unreal to me that he'd be bold enough to rattle the chain of Tiger Woods in the media. In the post game show on The Golf Channel last night one of the guys mentioned that he understands that Rory would show that kind of confidence, but doing it in the media isn't a great idea.

Hmmm...ya think?

I saw part of his post-round interview too and his point of view was something in the realm that he made a few mistakes that played into Tiger's strengths.

The mistake that he made was giving Tiger a little extra desire to win.

Anonymous said...

No matter what you think or how you feel, it's stupid to broadcast those feelings to the media and hence to the world, especially if what you feel or what you think casts doubt on the ability of someone else to perform. When the person you're casting doubt on happens to be ranked number one in his chosen profession, it's more than stupid, it's insane.

WannaBeBen said...

Maybe Rory did indeed know the song, and was hoping for the outcome of the following stanza:

Well a hush fell over the pool room
When Jim he come boppin' off the street
And when the cuttin' was done
The only part that wasn't bloody was the soles of the big man's feet
And he was cut in 'bout a hundred places
And he was shot in a couple more
And you better believe they sung a different kind of story
When big Jim hit the floor

Tom Blogical said...

I just have one question for Sabbatini:

"Hello-o-o-o, McFly?!?!?"