Saturday, January 26

Johnny Miller's Class of '08 Picks

At, Johnny Miller opines on the game's best performers, from driving to putting.

"You might be asking why Tiger's name isn't on all of them -- some would argue that it could be," Johnny writes. "But from my spot in the NBC tower, I definitely see players who have an edge over Tiger and everyone else in certain performance areas."

Tiger Woods
(Honorable mention: Tim Clark)

Rory Sabbatini
(Honorable mention: Tiger Woods)

Hunter Mahan
(Honorable mention: Charles Warren)

Mike Weir
(Honorable mention: Tim Clark)

Lorena Ochoa
(Honorable mention: Tiger Woods)

Jim Furyk
(Honorable mention: Phil Mickelson)

There's no category for course management, but I know who I would pick.

Read entire Miller piece here.

The Armchair Golfer


Saturday Golfer said...

I tell you what, this weekend is about as good as I have seen Tiger putt. It was great to watch his game this week (imagine if he drives that ball the way he can, scary

The Armchair Golfer said...

Agreed. He led the field in putts per round and also had a high percentage of greens in regulation. That's a prescription for winning.

lancer said...

Tiger has redefined the game. Statistics are now highly suspect and more than likely meaningless.

Miranda said...

I know many golfers don't like Johnny Miller, but I do. He doesn't suck up to any one golfer and seems to direct his critical eye toward everyone pretty much equally. If only they could clone him about 20 times and make the clones work on Sundays so I could watch some fair and balanced golf coverage instead of what we've got with the golf channel and the networks.

Poor Golfer said...

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The Armchair Golfer said...

Miranda: I like Johnny, too. The fact that he sometimes gets under the players skin is refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Ahh.... Masters week. So many things to happy about. First of all, Sunday will be great this year! We will not have to listen to johnny Miller spout negative comments and back handed compliments to everyone. We wont have to listen to his blind alegiance to Tiger. We won't have to deal with his insecurity and the fact that he has many regrets in his career. We won't have to look at his disgustingly oversized pumpkin head. We won't have to listen to him talk down to viewers. What he did at Doral when Sean O'hare was putting on 18 was terrible. The only comment he made was, "Sean is always know as an extremely slow player." Yes Johnny, good observation. The grass is green and the water is blue. Great insight. And what he did to Rocco Mediate as Open last year was terrible as well. "Rocco looks like he should be cleaning Tigers pool." I wonder what Italians would say about Johnny Miller if they saw him in their country. Wow, what a fat slob. Ohh, he won a major golf championship? He looks like he should be a WALMART greeter. As you all can gather. Johnny Miller is a putz, jealous of talent, youth and if your not Tiger then well your nothing. Can't wait until his career in golf is over.

Anonymous said...

Miranda - you say Johnny Miller doesn't suck up to Tiger. Whoever Tiger is playing, he degrades them. I feel bad for Johnny though. He has elephantis of the head. His mom smoked when she was pregnant.