Thursday, January 10

Mark Calcavecchia Changes Medicine to Comply with Drug Policy

When Mark Calcavecchia learned that his prescription blood-pressure medicine contained a beta-blocker on the banned list, he found a substitute.

“I looked at what's legal and what isn't legal,” Calcavecchia was quoted as saying at the Mercedes-Benz Championship.

“[It's] just common sense. Certainly, nobody is going to accuse me of doping up. I'm the fattest, weakest player out here. I can bench press about 40 pounds.”

Calc has a point. He's not exactly the first person you would think is juicing.

The Armchair Golfer

Source: Golf World


Saturday Golfer said...

At least he is being proactive and looking at the list of banned substances.

I am not a huge fan the new drug testing policy that the tour has put in place. I don't think performance enhancing drugs are an issue in the sports (with the exception of maybe a player here or there). I guess they were trying to jump on the anti-doping band wagon, but outsdie of players having to change their heart medication I don't think we will hear a lot about the new policy this year.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Unfortunately, I believe the PGA Tour had to institute the drug policy given the state of sports in general and what's at stake.

Miranda said...

With the talk a while back about golf as an olympic sport (I think Phil Mickelson talked about it when he was in China), I think that's another incentive for the PGA Tour to have a drug testing policy.