Thursday, April 10

Masters Round One: Mark O’Meara Claws His Way to 71

(Photo: The Armchair Golfer)

Has it already been 10 years since Mark O’Meara rolled in that right-to-left mid-range birdie on the 72nd hole to win the Masters?

Since then O’Meara, of all people, apparently suffered from a case of the yips. I always thought he was solid on the greens. But if the yips can strike O’Meara, it can happen to anyone. (Except Ben Crenshaw.)

We watched O’Meara practice on Monday at Augusta with his pal Tiger Woods. Mark has gone to the claw grip like Chris DiMarco. (Or is it the “saw”?) It worked today in round one. He shot a 71, a stroke better than Tiger.

“Obviously 51 years of age, 1-under par, I played all right,” O’Meara said. “I'm just pleased to shoot under par anytime I play Augusta National.”

I would be, too. That’s good, real good, for a guy who gets the AARP discount. However he holds his putter.

−The Armchair Golfer


Anonymous said...

Yes, it was nice to see some old timers up there like Mark O'Meara and especially, for me, Sandy Lyle - 20 years after his first and only win.
Could you tell me, if you saw much of him play, how you think Sandy was playing - do you think he has a chance? They didn't show much of him on TV, even though he was in second for a while.

Anonymous said...

Hey Armchair guy. Congrats on getting to your first Masters. My first was in 83 when Sevi won on a monday. Saturday third round it rained so hard they had to cancel it and ended up playing the final round on Monday. Just about everybody went home on Sunday and we had the course to ourselves, a very special day.
PS. when I clicked on your "complete" profile I get no info about you. I wanted to at least address you by name when I submitted my comment. You may want to fix this.

Anonymous said...

In our experience, the yips are caused by how you hold your driver at impact. Several great golfers (Snead, Hogan, Trevino) over-gripped their driver and did not allow centrifugal force to extend their arms and driver in a straight line.

Hank Haney also did this, and he had the driver yips. He taught O'Meara and Tiger to do it also. But Tiger has stopped doing it, and instead lets his driver and arms extend at impact.

This is why O'Meara has developed the yips.

You can learn more about this, including photos of Snead, Hogan and Trevino at

Tom Blogical said...

Bob Prichard:

I'm not sure I'm interpreting your comment correctly. Are you saying that if one extends their arms into a straight line they will not get the yips, or if one doesn't extend their arms will not get the yips?

Tom Blogical said...



I just went to the link you provided and answered my own question. Thanks! ;-)

The Armchair Golfer said...

Mick: No, I didn't see Sandy at practice, but I did notice that he made the cut.

Dick: Yeah, I know. My name around here is simply The Armchair Golfer. You get my "real" name at Down the Middle (see link in sidebar).