Tuesday, May 27

Ernie Els Wants Some Positive Vibes


CAN'T SAY I BLAME Ernie Els for changing his mind about playing the Memorial, especially after missing the cut last week at the BMW PGA Championship. The Big Easy ballooned to a 75-73 for 148 at Wentworth of all places, his home course.

As for Jack's Memorial Tournament where top ten players are dropping like flies, first Els was in, then he was out, and now he's back in.

“Originally, this week was going to be a gap in my schedule, but I’ve changed my mind and decided to play in the Memorial,” Ernie said at his Web site.

“It’s one of my favourite tournaments of the year and I love Jack’s course, Muirfield Village. I figure it’ll be a good week to try to get back some positive vibes in my game.”

With the U.S. Open just around the corner, the Big Easy definitely needs to find something positive in his golf game. And in a hurry.

−The Armchair Golfer


Anonymous said...

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OrlandoGolfBlogger said...

Sweet site anonymous! That UK ryder cup looks pretty exciting..

Orlando Golf Blogger