Sunday, June 15

2008 U.S. Open: Tiger Woods Is the Drama King

I DIDN’T SEE IT. I’m in California for a family wedding and reception that took place during yesterday’s entire third round of the U.S. Open.

So I didn’t see the drama of Tiger Woods’ painful march across Torrey Pines unfold. I didn’t see the errant drives and the frequent grimaces. The knee is clearly overstressed. Even the stoic Woods can no longer hide it now.

I didn’t see the downhill bomb for an eagle on 13, or the one-hop birdie chip on 17. I missed the final dramatic stroke on 18, another eagle that gave Tiger a one-shot lead heading into today’s final round.

What can possibly happen today? What can the gimpy Woods do for an encore? I wouldn’t begin to try to guess.

One thing is certain: I’ll be watching.

−The Armchair Golfer


Tom Blogical said...

If I was playing that badly, it turns into a quadruple bogey. Tiger plays that badly and it turns into a birdie. To tie for a playoff in a Major Championship.

What planet is he from?

The Armchair Golfer said...

Planet? No idea. He looks human, but is other-worldly on the golf course, even with a bum knee.

Anonymous said...

He's done it again, and congrats to the Tiger. I don't think anyone can ever beat him. When he plays he is all business, no smiles really, just business. I dont' believe in a god but prayed that Roco would win. How many people watch golf to see Tiger lose and not to win? Interesting question. Its like watching a hockey game and the team wins every game, it gets boring real fast.

JB said...

Tiger Woods isn't from a planet. He destroys them:

Anonymous said...

I really don't get the idea that it's boring to watch Tiger win. He's the most compelling athlete in the world, making history nearly every time he plays a tournament.

Guys like Bob May and Rocco Mediate might win a major without Tiger around, but would we remember them as fondly? Or at all?

(I can't believe Bob May has never won any PGA tournament. Amazing.)