Tuesday, June 10

A U.S. Open Player Even Matt Lauer Would Beat

BY NOW YOU'VE SURELY HEARD the results of Matt Lauer’s trip around Torrey Pines, site of this week’s U.S. Open. The NBC anchor, a single-digit handicapper, shot an even 100 on the brutal setup.

Playing partner Justin Timberlake did slightly better, shooting a 98. And Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, a fine amateur golfer, had an 84.

But wait. There’s a guy who actually played in the U.S. Open that Lauer would have beaten handily. His name was J.D. Tucker, who teed it up in the 1898 U.S. Open. He shot a 157. Yes, you read that correctly. 1-5-7.

J.D. improved by 57 shots in the next round, carding a 100. Then he quietly withdrew.

Fred Herd was the 1898 winner, with rounds of 84, 85, 75 and 84 for 328, a scoring record until the following year when Willie Smith came home in 315 strokes.

−The Armchair Golfer

(Source: The Telegraph)


Anonymous said...

Was reviewing the Torrey Pines pull-out map in my last copy of GolfWorld and couldn't help getting that daunting "lump in the throat" feeling as I moved down the yardage column. That layout is monstrous!

The Armchair Golfer said...

It's a beast, no doubt.

Jim McCarthy said...

I'd take the 100 anyday.

Anonymous said...

did tiger win or lose his bet-matt shot 100 the others broke 100 i forgot what the bet was -mainly did matt win or lose/or did tioger win or lose joeg chicago