Tuesday, June 10

2008 U.S. Open: The Winning Score? 284

BEN HOGAN WAS FAMOUS for sizing up a U.S. Open setup and determining what score would win the pressure-packed 72-hole marathon. And then he would go out and shoot it. Hogan won a record four U.S. Opens, and could easily have won five or six.

What will it take to win this year at Torrey Pines? Even par, according to the course superintendent.

“Somewhere right around even par could very well hold up,” Mark Woodward told World Golf.

Based on what I’ve read about Torrey, 284 (the 7,600 yard layout will play to a par 71) sounds like a fantastic score. I’m guessing almost every player in the field would take even par today if you offered it to them, including Tiger Woods.

In the last two U.S. Opens at Winged Foot and Oakmont, the winning score was five over. The USGA has been in the habit of favoring the plus-side of par. Red is their least favorite color.

−The Armchair Golfer


Tom Blogical said...

So, are you saying this is the winning score in perfect conditions? What if it's windy?

The Armchair Golfer said...

I'm not saying it -- the course super is. I tend to think the winning score will be over par. If the wind blows, watch out.