Thursday, July 24

How Do Canadians Watch the Canadian Open?

Mike Weir

I POSTED THE TV SCHEDULE for the RBC Canadian Open yesterday, including Canada’s TSN (The Sports Network) coverage on Thursday and Friday. I didn’t find weekend coverage, though.

“Why isn't CBC or CTV providing coverage of our national championship this year?” asked “Picasso,” a commenter at this blog.

“It looks like the Golf Channel and CBS are providing three-hour coverage daily. How pathetic is that? Neither of the major Canadian networks sees fit to cover this event.”

I looked again, at the sites of CBC, CTV and TSN, but could find no weekend coverage of the RBC Canadian Open on a Canadian broadcast network.

So, to my Canadian golf friends, how do you watch the final rounds (without going to Glen Abbey)? I’m stumped.

−The Armchair Golfer

P.S. Currently, Canadian Mike Weir shares the first-round lead with Anthony Kim and Eric Axley.


2008 RBC Canadian Open TV Schedule


Anonymous said...

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Gujo said...

Your findings are correct, none of the major Canadian networks does their own broadcast on the weekend. The CBS feed is picked up by CH, so Canadians can still watch it, just not on a Canadian network. This whole mess started last year:

kovogolf said...

What is CH?

Anonymous said...

TSN has a simulcast of the feed from the Golf Channel.

Anonymous said...

One more indication about he crap from Rogers TV. No problem covering U.S. Open. He is more interested in spending his time trying to get the Buffalo franchise and god hope he does not get it. He should move to the states. We certainly do not nee him

Mobius said...

good question

Anonymous said...

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