Wednesday, July 30

Lorena Ochoa Pre-Announces Retirement

Lorena at work. (DB/Flickr)

IN AN AP STORY, LORENA OCHOA SAID she plans to retire in five or six years while in her early 30s. She hopes to still be ranked No. 1 when she leaves the game, which would be a monumental achievement considering all the rising talent on the LPGA Tour.

“I'm aware life is too short,” Lorena was quoted as saying. “There are many things I would love to do outside of golf.”

One huge priority is her foundation work in Mexico to help needy children. She may also pursue golf course design and wants to start a family.

I’ve read that Ochoa is the favorite in this week’s Women’s British Open, a title she is defending. I’m not so sure. Her game seems to be coming around after a dry spell, but there are plenty of others who could make a strong run for the title.

Annika Sorenstam, 37, will retire at the end of the current LPGA Tour season. Unless Sorenstam unretires, this week’s Women’s British Open will be her final major championship.

−The Armchair Golfer


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Anonymous said...

If she wants to retire that early then all you can do is wish her well. I doubt, though, that she'll go out at the same skill levels she now displays. There are just too many hungry and superb trying to overtake her.

Anonymous said...

I am not at all to hear something like this. I think that a lot of female golfers at least consider taking a fair amount of time off to raise a family.

I think you make a great point about all of the young talent as well, it will be interesting to see how long she can stay dominant. She is a fantastic player though!

Sorry about the long time with no comments, I just moved and got settled in in the Denver area.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Yes, Lancer, it's pretty darn competitive these days on the LPGA Tour. Nice to hear from you again, Saturday Golfer. Good luck in the Mile High City!

Mobius said...

Her's is a sane decision, coming at a time when the field is getting really competitive, and she is getting older to match up to the youngsters' agility and accuracy

chefsheila said...

This is her decison and she neds to do wht she feels is best for her. yes she will be missed...

Anonymous said...

lorena ochoa is the best