Tuesday, July 29

The Phil Mickelson Fitness Slideshow

The "before" Phil (Jones/Flickr)

BEN POPPER AT MEN’S VOGUE wrote to tell me about their stories on the new, svelte Phil Mickelson. OK, I’m not sure about svelte, but he does look a lot more fit.

“We ran this piece on how Phil Mickelson shed 20 pounds in three months to regain his stride,” said Ben in an email.

Here’s a slideshow that outlines Phil’s eating plan and workout regimen:

Phil’s fitness program

Now I know why Lefty was seen carrying his clubs around Torrey Pines before the U.S. Open. Nonetheless, I’m sure caddie Jim “Bones” Mackay still has job security on the weekends.

Somewhere along the way, I think Phil, by his own admission, lost his putting stroke in addition to that roll around the middle. Hopefully, he can find it in time for next week’s PGA Championship at Oakland Hills.

−The Armchair Golfer


Mobius said...

He looks great, and endorsement offers will come by the dozens...but has this fitness regime affected his game? I can't sense any improvement, at least not as yet.


chefsheila said...

see i think that his shed of weight will only help him paly better...i could be wrong but 20 pounds is a lot to carry and if you can get rid of it...more power to you.