Wednesday, November 5

Barack Obama and the Golf Question

WHILE OTHERS PONDER the historic nature of a Barack Obama presidency, ARMCHAIR GOLF wonders about important things such as the state of Obama’s golf game.

Specifically, where does Barack Obama stand on golf?

I know this much: The President-elect stands on the Phil Mickelson side of the ball. Yes, Obama is a southpaw, a lefty.

I’ve heard about Obama’s plans for the economy, health care, energy and education, but what about his short game? Does he hit a long ball? Can he sink a four-footer?

The Obama golf video is inconclusive. Even though one player said Obama was good, I can’t endorse him as a golfer. I need to know more. (I’d pick him for my hoops team, though.)

By the way, John McCain is also a southpaw. So our next First Golfer was destined to be a lefty. Sounds historic to me.

−The Armchair Golfer


Average Golfer said...

The "lefty" part kind of went without saying. I didn't vote for him, but since he's our next president, I'm behind him.

Anonymous said...

A great question! I'm not sure this even came up in the campaign, but now it is crucial. Maybe the armchair golfer can get the first interview with Obama on this topic . . .