Thursday, November 20

Ben Curtis Is Mr. Two Putt

Whether or not you like his visor, this man can putt.
(Mike Davis/Flickr)

HERE’S A 2008 TOUR STAT to chew on: Ben Curtis went 347 consecutive holes without a three-putt green. (That was 347, in case you thought it was a typo.)

I was never great at math, but I can divide on my handy little desk calculator. Let’s see, 18 into 347 equals 19.28. OK, so that’s 19 rounds without a three-putt green. As the saying goes, “… putt for dough.” Curtis made $2,615,798 this year, his best ever money grab.

CORRECTION: It was 374 holes. Told you I was bad with numbers.

While we’re on putting stats, Steve Marino made the most putts over 25 feet in the ’08 season. How many? 35.

−The Armchair Golfer


14 STIX said...

Impressive, but Curtis was only 10th on the 2008 3-Putt avoidance list. Craig Kanada was 1st with only 19 3-putts in 1170 rounds.

Also, I seem to remember an even more impressive stat from a few years ago - that Craig Parry was 100% from inside 3 feet for the entire year. Couldn't find confirmation on that though.

Anonymous said...

Those are some pretty impressive stats! I boast the same record as Mr. Curtis, except, I've never putted less than 3 :)