Saturday, November 1

Catching Up with Bob Harig of

BOB HARIG COVERS GOLF for I met him in the media center lunch room at the BMW Championship in August. It was fun talking to a national golf writer who follows the PGA Tour from city to city. And as a bonus, Bob is a nice guy, approachable and helpful. That’s always refreshing.

Yesterday we hooked up again by phone. I asked Bob if we could do a Q&A and he obliged. We discussed the 2008 season, player of the year, the FedEx Cup, Tiger’s return, Bob’s biggest reporting challenge, and more. I plan to bring that conversation to you soon.

Also, on Monday or Tuesday, I’ll announce the winner of the free drawing for The Right Sticks, a book by acclaimed golf club designer Tom Wishon.

−The Armchair Golfer

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