Tuesday, November 4

Election Day Golf Drill

These voters could be working on their golf swings.

DUE TO MASSIVE VOTER TURNOUT, some of you may be stuck in long lines at the polls. I'm here to help. I found a golf swing drill you can do while waiting in line. And you don't need a club!
This golf swing drill, simply put, is just practicing your golf swing without using a golf club. Consequently, you’ll be able to concentrate on the feeling of your muscles coiling up and releasing without being confused or distracted by the movement of your arms.

This is also a good opportunity to practice keeping your feet on the ground. Practice having your front foot roll inward on the golf back swing and memorize that feeling.
Here's the kicker:
Another upside to this drill is that you can practice it anywhere or anytime.
(That includes the polls.)

Remember: Just because it's election day doesn't mean you have to neglect golf.

−The Armchair Golfer

(Source: 1st Beginners Golf Swing Tips)

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