Friday, November 28

Phil Mickelson: ‘I Won’t Answer That Directly’

Phil Mickelson

I DON’T PRETEND TO UNDERSTAND the inner workings of the world golf rankings. But I do know that Sergio Garcia recently supplanted Phil Mickelson as world No. 2.

During the 2008 season, Sergio won The Players Championship and had three runner-up finishes on the PGA Tour, as well as two victories on the European Tour. Lefty won twice on tour this year. Neither player won a major.

Phil was asked if Sergio deserved the No. 2 ranking.

“I won't answer that directly,” Mickelson was quoted as saying. “But I think that he's played some wonderful golf this year. I haven't played to the level that I want as far as wins. I'll be looking to improve on that.”

−The Armchair Golfer


Anonymous said...

Good answer on Phil's part...he always given an intelligent answer to every question regardless of how stupid the question may be. I think if Garcia could get his putter really working, he could give Tiger a run for his money. Right now (or at least when Tiger last played) he cannot, but then again neither can Phil.

Bedlam said...

Phil did give a neutral answer, he didn't want to step on toes. This position will be short lived cause both have rocky rounds. Both will not win a tournament till the end of February or March, they will sink quicker than a water ball. Just watch their egos will get the best of them

LoneWolf said...

I don't think the question was all that great so I think Phil's answer was quite diplomatic.

I think Phil has always played golf more for fun than for money although you never really can tell just by watching on TV or reading articles/interviews. It probably hurts his game a little but I doubt he'd last long otherwise.

Average Golfer said...

Phil usually wins a lot of California events. Depending on how many he enters, he could leap forward in the infamous rankings early in 2009.

I'm not so sure of the Phil/Pelz marriage. Pelz is an engineer. Phil's a feel player. I thought he was on the verge of great things when he dumped Rick Smith.

Anonymous said...

Phil played it safe as would be expected of a professional golfer at his level.
Garcia is having a good year so a rise in the world rankings is warranted.
We all know how fast those world rankings can change so we will see where Garcia is next year.

Anonymous said...

Why doesnt Phil just say no and move on. Only way it happens is if they start selling video games with his face on it in Europe. America is the biggest stage its where he wants to be. Check out for some tips.

Anonymous said...

Phil is basically just a normal guy not wanting to get involved in controversy. In 50 years everybody will know Tiger some golfers wont know Phil Mickelson. But Phil has always taken time away from golf , his family was always important, and he plays golf so that he enjoys it. Does Phil really care about the rankings?

The Armchair Golfer said...

Phil's non-answer leads me to think that he doesn't consider Sergio worthy of the No. 2 ranking. But who knows?

Harrington, with his two consecutive majors, is probably more deserving of the second spot than either Mickelson or Garcia.

14 STIX said...

If you actually have to say "I won't answer that directly" you are actually answering it directly, Phil. Doesn't mean I disagree with him - because Sergio shouldn't be the #2 player in the rankings. Until someone other than Tiger is #1 will anyone really care who is #2?