Wednesday, December 3

2008 PGA Tour Winners for Equipment Junkies

You Know Who putts with a Scotty Cameron. (Phelps/Flickr)

DRUM ROLL, PLEASE. Here are the winners in each equipment category on the 2008 PGA Tour:

Drivers: First - tie between TaylorMade and Nike with 11 wins each. Third - Titleist with 10 wins.

Fairway Woods: First - TaylorMade, Titleist and Nike.

Hybrids: First - Adams.

First - tie between Titleist and Nike with 10 wins each. Third - TaylorMade with 7 wins.

Wedges: First - TItleist Vokey Design and Vokey Spin Milled. Second - Nike. Third - Cleveland. Fourth - TaylorMade.

Putters: First - Scotty Cameron by Titleist models with 23 wins. Second - Odyssey with 11 wins.

Balls: First - Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x with 28 wins. Second - Nike with 11 wins. Third - Callaway with 4 wins.

One observation: The Scotty Cameron putters blitzed the competition.

Have you put anything in your bag that's made you a winner (or better player) this year?

−The Armchair Golfer

(Source: The Tour Van, December 2, 2008)


Bobbio said...

Not this year, but my Cameron Newport II is the best golf investment I've made. Great feel and perfectly balanced. It's the only constant in my bag for the last five years.

lancer said...

I think it was Trevino who once said that sometimes it's the Indian and now the arrow.

lancer said...

The above should read "not" the arrow rather than "now" the arrow. I putt about as well as I type.

The Armchair Golfer said...

I have always liked that quote, Lancer. Trevino had some good ones.

Tom Blogical said...

Good one lancer. I've always liked Harvey Penick's "It's the fiddler, not the fiddle."

I haven't bought a set of irons in 10 years, although I did break down and get a used driver for $40 last year. It made a world of a difference, and I'm very picky about drivers and the new, bigger clubheads. I hadn't bought metals for 15 years prior, but I still like the 3 and 5 metals.

14 STIX said...

Here are your multiple-event winners on the PGA Tour in '08.
Tiger (4)
Vijay (3)
Perry (3)
Kim (2)
Villegas (2)
Mickelson (2)
Harrington (2)

So, 6 of Nike's 11 driver wins and 6 of their 10 iron wins came from Tiger and Kim alone. Chances are if you have Tiger on your staff you're going to be near the top of equipment stats every year. Having one of the hottest rising stars in Kim doesn't hurt either.

New addition to the bag. The Mizuno Fli-Hi 19* driving iron. Goes forever and it doesn't balloon like other hybrids.

The Armchair Golfer said...

I added a used set of Ping irons and a Ping Anser 4 putter to my bag, although I didn't play as much as I expected to in 2008. I need some new fairway metals, maybe a driver, and another sand wedge. But until I start playing more it's hard to justify.

Mad Hatter said...

I start using Bridgestone Tour B330