Saturday, April 18

I Played in World’s Smallest Golf Tournament

(Jason Pearce/Flickr)

I DON’T USUALLY WRITE about my personal golf escapades, because as busy as I am writing about golf (and other things) I’m just not playing that much. Unfortunate, but true. Besides, ARMCHAIR GOLF has morphed into a blog that covers pro golf. I certainly don’t fall into that category.

Still, I do want to tell you that I broke out the clubs today to play in a scramble event. I was invited to join a friend’s group. I didn’t have to pay an entry fee or anything. Just show up, he said. That’s a no-brainer, even for me.

The occasion was the first annual chamber of commerce tournament for our small town. (And I do mean small.) We were supposed to play last October, but the weather was so bad they postponed the tournament until the spring (today). So, I showed up, and it was a gorgeous day, perfect for golf.

Now I have a new “small town” joke for you. Ready? Here goes:

“My town is small. How small? The chamber of commerce golf tournament only had three groups.”

Only it’s not a joke!

When I arrived at the club, I walked up to check in and asked if it was a shotgun start. A guy named Derrick said no, we were all going off No. 1, starting in about five minutes. There are three groups, he added.

I smiled. Only in my town. Hey, the game or tournament must go on. We played it. I told my friend Eric on the first tee we had a lock on third. We laughed.

How’d we do?

We played our butts off and won the thing. So what if the field was a little thin? And we took home some nice cash. Really. I’m still shaking my head.

−The Armchair Golfer


Average Golfer said...

See, winning golf tournaments is primarily about choosing your competition.

I assume you took most of the skins as well? He-he.

Unknown said...

I am sure the 'cash' you won was in the form of pro shop credits, so as not to be confused with a professional purse.

Only kidding, of course, but a friend of mine had an ace a few years ago at a large charity outing and won an SUV. Acceptance of the prize made him a professional and he had to wait a year to be reinstated as amateur. They have since modified that rule

Heather Kerrigan said...

Congrats! Hey, a tournament is a tournament. Glad you had a chance to play and played well.

My most major winning to this day was an enormous bottle of Grey Goose for my hole in one.

Lancer said...

There are no small tournaments, there are only small players or something like that. Sounds like it might have been fun.

The Armchair Golfer said...

It was definitely fun. Any day on a golf course is fun for me.

Golf Management said...

Great story, I enjoyed it very much!

Robert said...

Nice work! Scrambles are some of the most enjoyable tournaments I play in.