Wednesday, April 29

Jim McLean Golf Instruction: John Daly’s Power-Drive Drill

By Jim McLean

(Editor’s note: This is the third of a seven-part series on spring practice drills.)

Problem: The player fails to accelerate the club in the impact zone. He “pecks” at the ball.

The player’s drives lack power and he loses distance off the tee.

Goal: To discover a mental image that will help promote a tension-free swing, a longer flat spot (which is stressed at the Jim McLean Golf School) and added clubhead speed in the impact zone.

Practice procedure: When practicing, use this mental-image drill that John Andrisani shared with Jim after working on Grip It and Rip It!, a book he wrote with John Daly, the originator of the drill. Visualize a child’s toy gun cap taped to the back of the golf ball. Then each time you swing, try and hit the ball so solidly that the imaginary cap explodes. Take this with you to the golf course!

Next time: One-Ball Practice Drill

Jim McLean is the instruction editor for Golf Digest and the Golf Channel, and an author of numerous, top-selling golf instruction books. For a free intro DVD to his new Building Block Approach, visit Jim McLean Golf School.

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Lancer said...

As someone once wisely said, "If they taught sex education like they teach golf instruction, the world would have ceased to exist long ago."