Friday, April 17

King of Golf Cartoons: ‘Cart Breakdown’

Copyright © Jerry King. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Times are tough, including for golf. Has it changed your playing habits? Are you going to wait a little longer before you buy any new golf equipment or take special golf vacations? As for me, I’m cutting back on golf-related travel this year.

−The Armchair Golfer

Jerry King is an award-winning cartoonist whose credits and clients include Golf Digest, United States Golf Association and Disney. His golf cartoons are featured weekly at ARMCHAIR GOLF.


Anonymous said...

I was seriously thinking about buying a driver for $200-$300 this season, but found a used Titleist 905s for $35 and will go with that.

As for play I am waiting until the last second to enter tournaments and will hunt for deals more often.

SandTrapper said...

Many of us are cutting back on our golf-related purchases. Although I'm optimistic about the long term, it's only prudent to be fiscally careful in the short term. Therefore, I am playing less and buying less...which I hope is only for a while.

Paul Holbrook said...

I too am an avid golfer and play numerous times a week. But with the hard times that this Nation is facing I too am taking some cuts and limiting myself to hit the range during the week and playing a round on the weekend. Plus in my area the Golf courses are extreme dry and in poor condition. Happy Golfing.

Unknown said...

Is something going on I do not know about? Should I be curtailing my golf related spending habits?

Or is this about that recession thing-a-ma-jiggy which I have decided not to participate in this time?

Brian said...

I'm in the UK which is seeing also a big recession but it has seemed to have a marked improvement recently on the number of visitors to my secondhand golf classified ads site as I believe rather than cut down on their favorite sport, they are just seeking more economical ways of acheiving what they want. After all, we all need to have something that cheers us up through hard times.