Thursday, August 27


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Marci Diehl offers a three-word golf and life mantra: Let It Happen. (Changing Your Grip)

Heather Jones would love the Solheim Cup even more if the TV coverage picked up the pace. (Real Women Golf)

The Golf Girl blogs about her golf adventure in Greece. (Golf Girl’s Diary)

Stephanie Wei wants to appoint Freddie Couples as golf ambassador. (Wei Under Par)

Bob Smiley covers Tiger Woods in his unique way, including in Follow the Roar, which is now out in paperback. (Fore Right)

Robert Bruce has video of the world’s worst golf swing (with a visor tip to Aussie Golfer). No, it’s not Charles Barkley. (Game Under Repair)

Geoff Shackelford reports on the Stewart Cink tweet that upset PGA Tour sensibilities. (Geoff Shackelford)

Phil Capelle writes about Tiger cheerleader Hank Haney. (Capelle on Golf)

Ryan Ballengee on Liberty National, site of this week’s The Barclays, and hiding New Jersey’s trash problem. (Waggle Room)

No majors, but Tiger wins some skins, writes Shane Bacon. (Golf Fanhouse)

Jay Busbee on how Arnold Palmer saved the Senior PGA Tour. (Devil Ball Golf)

Golf Dash Blog on golf’s elusive magic move. (Golf Dash Blog)

Vince Spence on who will bite the dust in the FedEx Cup Playoffs this week. (One-Eyed Golfer)

Charles Boyer writes about Liberty National Golf Club as a symbol of renewal and hope. (Me and Old Man Par)

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−The Armchair Golfer


loa said...

I came across this blog when looking up the Liberty National Golf Club. Excellent work!


Unknown said...

Now that's a neat word you don't see too often. Bevy...!!!

I think I'll steal it, also...

Lancer said...

Great info on competing Blogs...thanks.

Anonymous said...

You need to get out on the course more..You're reading way too many blogs!!

Unknown said...

Great stuff! I have loved Freddy Couples since he burst onto the scene 20+ years ago. It's strange seeing head to the senior tour now. He still is a great talent.

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