Monday, August 24

Exclusive Post-PGA Interview with Tiger’s Left Knee

Tiger’s Left Knee in action.

IN AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, Tiger’s Left Knee talked to ARMCHAIR GOLF about the troubling days following the PGA Championship and provided an inside glimpse at Camp Tiger. Tiger’s Left Knee spoke to me by telephone from his home in Windermere, Florida.

Q: As always, thanks for the visit.


Q: So, how are things in the Tiger camp after the huge disappointment at Hazeltine?

LEFT KNEE: You don’t want to know.

Q: Actually, I do.

LEFT KNEE: It’s been a bit more tense than usual, if you can imagine that.

Q: Not sure I can. Can you elaborate?

LEFT KNEE: I’d rather not.

Q: OK, we’ll move on. Looking ahead, you have the FedEx Cup, which Tiger leads.


Q: And the Presidents Cup in October, which gives you two big events to look forward to.

LEFT KNEE: Look forward to?

Q: Yes.

LEFT KNEE: The FedEx Cup and Presidents Cup?

Q: That’s what’s on the schedule.

It’s not about the Cups, mister. It’s about the majors. THE MAJORS! THE MAJORS!

Q: Uh, are you OK?

I haven’t slept well since August 15.

Q: Sorry to hear that.

I keep having the same nightmare. An obscure Korean golfer chips in for eagle on the back nine and then birdies the last hole to beat us. If that’s not nutty enough, he lifts his golf bag over his head as some kind of weird victory salute.

Q: And then you wake up and realize it isn’t just a bad dream.

: Exactly.

Q. That was a tough loss.

Tell me about it. We’ve been playing Burger King golf for, like, forever.

Q. Burger King golf?

You know, have it your way. We owned Sundays. Owned them outright.

Q. How’s Steve Williams doing?

Stevie blames himself.

Q. For the missed cut at the British, right?

LEFT KNEE: And Tiger’s loss at the PGA.

Q. How does he figure into that?

LEFT KNEE: I have no clue, but you know Stevie.

Q. How’s he coping?

LEFT KNEE: He hasn’t taken off his caddie bib.

Q. Seriously?

Says he won’t take it off until we win another major.

Q. For everyone’s sake, I hope that’s soon.

Only 224 days until Augusta.

Q: Thanks for taking the time.

LEFT KNEE: You got it.

−The Armchair Golfer

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(This is an ARMCHAIR GOLF spoof.)


Unknown said...

Stevie's bib will be a little ripe by April.

One good thing for Stevie, he has a home game in November when Tiger (and his blabby knee) travel 'down under', (where women glow and men plunder)

Lancer said...

Good stuff...Tiger, himself, just might get a kick out of something like this.

Robert said...

As always, great post, Neil. Funny.

Heather Kerrigan said...

Great interview, sounds like the Tiger-camp is taking things a bit hard.

I always wonder how the right knee feels. He's got to be a little bummed to see lefty get all the attention.

Anonymous said...


Thinks he is a player not a caddy. of course the bib is off. If you ever watch, he always takes it off before the round is even finished. Heavens forbid he be caught with the bib on during the celebration!

kokogirl said...

Great interview. Did you line up the follow up?

Swing Trainer said...

Tiger is just down right unbelivable sometimes. Like a golf machine...

Anonymous said...

In this day and age of equality - especially when it comes to 'joint' issues - I'm surprised the right knee hasn't asked for equal time!

Neither the right nor the left ever lets the other get the upper hand..I mean knee!

Anonymous said...

In this day and age of equality - especially on 'joint' issues - I'm surprised the right knee hasn't asked for equal time!

The right and the left never allow the other to get the upper hand....I mean upper knee..