Friday, August 21

Ken Green Takes First Steps with Prosthetic Leg

TINGLES. GOOSE BUMPS. SOMETHING. I was moved by photos of Ken Green being fitted with a prosthetic leg and trying it out for the first time. Green is the 51-year-old Champions Tour golfer who lost his brother, girl friend and dog in a June highway accident that occurred when his RV blew a tire. Later, his right leg was amputated.

Now Green is trying to put his life back together. Or at least start moving forward again. He will do it with a prosthetic leg, and hopes to play golf again. Click below for photos from The Connecticut Post:

Ken Green Slideshow

“Well, the way I’ve looked at this is, I have a pretty good faith in God and my belief is that if you believe in God you shouldn’t be too upset over the fact that you’ve lost three of your best friends on the planet. They’re having a hell of a lot more fun right now than I am, I can tell you that,” Green told The Connecticut Post.

“I’m assuming that it’s through golf that I have to go out and try to accomplish some things that haven’t been done and make people aware of certain things. So, in that sense, it’s given me a desire and a motivation to do it and I have to do it.”

−The Armchair Golfer


Unknown said...

Does anyone know if the police investigating the accident have discovered the final facts? It was reported initially Ken Green was driving, then that was refuted by Green, but the police still believed he was.

Ken Green was a notorious partier while on tour. Apparently, the issue of whether he was driving and what condition he was in is no longer an issue.

I drank and drove way too many times over the years until I got sober fourteen years ago. So there, but for the grace of God, go I. I was lucky I never had an accident. I defied the odds. I am grateful.

I glad Ken Green found something to be grateful for also.

Lancer said...

We cannot put ourselves in his place and know what's really going on in his life. We can hope that the struggle he's currently going through will be worth it in the end. As Vince Spence said, it could have been a great many of us. Some of us were just luckier than others. I wish Ken Green well on his journey.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Vince: All the reports I read said that Green's RV blew a right front tire, causing it to leave the road and go down an embankment. That definitely could cause an accident for a sober driver. I never heard any reports of alcohol being involved.

kokogirl said...

I am happy to hear that he is healing physically! I hope that he is also healing mentally. I hope that he gets to play golf again soon.