Friday, November 20

ARMCHAIR GOLF Swing Vision: Camilo Villegas

I’D LIKE TO INTRODUCE a new feature. I’ll call it ARMCHAIR GOLF Swing Vision. Let’s take a look at the swing of Camilo Villegas, who is playing at this week’s Dubai World Championship.

“Notice how well Camilo sets the club at the top.”

“Great rotation. Look at how he hits against his left side.
The club continues down the line.”

“Nice finish. Nice veins.”

OK, I’m being facetious. Am I the only one who questions swing analysis on the golf telecasts? Please tell me I’m not.

My absolute favorite.
PGA Tour player has just hit his tee shot a mile right. Then we hear: “Let’s take a look at that swing.” Then, “He’s in good position right here, everything looks good, but on the downswing—you can see it right here!—he blah, blah, blah (fill in the blank) and the ball just goes straight right.”

Funny how they always spot the swing flaw that made the shot go right after they first saw the shot go right. Granted, it might be fairly obvious at times. But when a tour-caliber player swings a golf club at 110-plus miles per hour and has basically the same tempo, swing plane and balance on each swing, how can someone pinpoint the exact flaw in an instant, on-the-spot analysis?

I make an exception for Peter Kostis. His swing analyses have me totally hypnotized. He just sounds believable.

−The Armchair Golfer

(Images: nsaplayer/Flickr)


Unknown said...

You are not. It has amazed me forever. I think 70% is just some generic BS explanation that goes along with a miss to the left or right - whatever the case may be.

Sharon said...

Well, yes and no. For long-time tour players that have their rock solid stance and infallible steady swings, and we're used to watching that over and over, it gets easier to pick up on a flaw or two. But for newer players on the tour... yeah, the commentators are just BSing their way through it all.

Lancedr said...

Amen...I think most of it is BS. I don't know why they love to hear themselves talk so much.

Lancer said...

The above comment coming from someone who can't even spell his own name correctly.

Pros golf tips said...

Very good pictures.

Cheers, Jon

Matt said...

I agree. Kostis sells it well. Of course the HD slow mo has alot to do with it. Every swing the show looks pretty good to me. I really like the ones that show the lag in the swing. Great post

Dave @ Mud Ball Golf Blog said...

We just have to remember that the old swingvision is a little flattering - I think even my swing would look cool is super slow mo...

Derek said...

The clubface only has to be a fraction open or closed to the clubhead path for the ball to go considerably off line, especially when tour pros are hitting it over 300 yards. Commentators have a job to do, and most do it well, but they could do better when it comes to analyzing swings..."keeping the clubface square down the line" works okay with a putter, try it with the driver and you'll slice the ball off the planet!