Wednesday, November 25

Lee Trevino Has an Opinion on Everything

Lee Trevino in his heyday.

IT’S NOT OFTEN I read a seven-page article online. But I did read the Lee Trevino interview by Jaime Diaz at It was thoroughly entertaining.

Trevino, who turns 70 on December 1, talks and opines about his roots, the Marines, his playing days, Tiger Woods vs. Jack Nicklaus, yesteryear era vs. today’s era, the golf broadcast booth and more. His breakdown of Tiger (he’s a big Tiger fan) and Jack is on the money.

I stumbled across the interview after seeing a tidbit at about Lee’s jab at contemporary PGA Tour player Paul Goydos. Goydos was quoted as saying “There are 10 Lee Trevinos” on tour today. Lee quipped, “ … tell him [Goydos] to send me the list of the 10 guys out there who have won six majors and 29 tournaments.”

Sorry, Paul. I have to side with Lee on this one. 

−The Armchair Golfer


Dave @ Mud Ball Golf Blog said...

What a star - I think they broke the mold when they built him!
I don't understand the Paul Goydos comments.

Lancer said...

There are no Lee Trevino's on the Tour today and that's the problem with the Tour. As Trevino reportedly said, "It ain't bragging if you can do it" and Trevino could do it all.

carl said...

More than a star he is a icon.