Friday, December 18

King of Golf Cartoons: ‘Score’

Copyright © Jerry King. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Can you remember your highest 18-hole score? I’ll go first. As a ninth-grader, I once carded a 109 in a high-school match.

−The Armchair Golfer

Jerry King is an award-winning cartoonist whose credits and clients include Golf Digest, United States Golf Association and Disney. His golf cartoons are a regular feature at ARMCHAIR GOLF.


adamming said...

I'm sure I've done worse before but this was my first year golfing seriously and more than once or twice and my first outing with a high school buddy was absolutely tragic.

I lost more balls than I care to recall, but the final damages were over 120 (124 I believe).

My last round this year was an 85. So I've made steps in a good direction at least, but 109 as a high schooler beats my sorry butt all day.

Tom Collins said...

I still remember my first 18 hole score ever: 144.

I was 10, so maybe this isn't really what you were looking for. My first competitive golf round was even funnier: a 40 for 5 holes.