Thursday, December 10

Michelle Wie Scores a 113

MICHELLE WIE EXCELS in golf and, um, college-level stats. On Thursday morning, Michelle tweeted about her final-exam score of 113 out of a possible 120. She’s a junior at Stanford and the 12th-ranked women’s golfer in the world.

Stina Sternberg wrote about it for Golf Digest Woman:
“In Dubai for the Ladies European Tour’s season-ending Omega Dubai Ladies Masters, Wie, a junior at Stanford University who’s managed to reach number 12 in the Rolex World Rankings between classes, was pulling all-nighters earlier this week studying for her final statistics exam. After shooting a three-under-par 69 in Wednesday’s first round (good for a T5), Wie logged onto her computer at midnight Dubai time (the set exam time considering the time difference between Dubai and Los Angeles), and completed the test over the Internet.”
I’m impressed. I actually think statistics might be harder than golf. As an Economics major, I had to take at least two stats courses in college. It was brutal, even at a different California institution of higher learning: San Diego State. (Not that there’s anything wrong with SDSU. Go Aztecs.)

OK, I’ve returned to my senses. While difficult, stats can’t be harder than golf. Who am I kidding? Nothing is harder than golf.

−The Armchair Golfer

(Image: Keith Allison/Flickr)


Groove Shrapener said...

Michelle is smart & sexy - wow what a combination.

Anonymous said...

5 quarters does not a Junior make. 5 quarters at Stanford makes you almost done with your Sophomore year.

I'm still not buying that she is a legitimate student at Stanford University.

plaid golf pants said...

I think Micheele is finally maturing, and will make a run in the LPGA...

She really is talented, but needs to focus on what she wants, and not what everyone else wants