Tuesday, December 29

Sergio Garcia ‘Worried’ About Injured Hand

“THE HAND IS NOT WELL,” Sergio Garcia told The Associated Press in a story that published today at GolfChannel.com.

“I haven’t played for three weeks and I still feel pain. It’s not healing as fast as we thought it would. What’s clear is that even with the rest it’s not better and we’re a little bit worried.”

So Sergio, the world’s 11th best golfer, will see a specialist in hopes that he can make his 2010 debut at the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship on January 21. The Spaniard sprained his right wrist in the third round of the Dubai World Championship. He went on to finish seventh, but the hand hasn’t been without pain since the season-ending event.

“I’ve tried to swing and I can’t,” said Sergio, who won once in 2009 and banked $2.4 million in his 11th season as a tour professional.

−The Armchair Golfer

(Image: Steve Newton/Flickr)


Charles Boyer said...

As someone who is typing with one hand after Carpal Tunnel remediation surgery, I can certainly understand where Sergio is coming from.

We can talk about stance, swing-plane, follow-through and all that, but the only things you have to hold the club are your hands. If they are not well and don't work, you aren't going to play well. Period.

For me, it is a matter of healing and returning back to my usual game of "I wish." For Sergio, this is his career that's on the line.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Charles: I wish you and Sergio a speedy recovery.