Wednesday, January 13

6 Nations Vie for 2018 Ryder Cup

GOLF HAS A FUTURE, with or without Tiger Woods. I believe that because a group of men gathered in a Sheraton near Heathrow on the outskirts of London to talk about golf eight years hence.

The 2018 Ryder Cup Symposium convened to review the bidding criteria for hosting the event. Delegates from six nations—France, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden—showed up to hear presentations on a range of subjects. They were briefed on the bidding process, the Ryder Cup structure, commercial and brand development, infrastructure, media and environmental issues.

“It speaks volumes for the global interest in the Ryder Cup that we have six nations eager to host the 2018 match,” European Ryder Cup Director Richard Hills said at

“Today’s symposium has been an enormously successful exercise for Ryder Cup Europe and these six nations who have expressed a deep desire to stage the second Ryder Cup on Continental Europe,” Hills added.

How does one measure up in the bidding process? Here, in large part, is what the decision-makers will be looking for:

• A world-class golf facility
• Infrastructure and ancillary facilities to host an international sporting event
• Government and private sector support
• Commercial opportunities
• Development of golf

There are four Ryder Cups to be played before the 2018 matches. So they have some time on this. Still, it’s never too early to plan golf’s future. I’m glad they’re working on it.

Gee, I wonder who the captains will be.

−The Armchair Golfer

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