Thursday, February 18

Play Golf Free (While Having Suit Pressed)

IN TOUGH TIMES SUCH as these, free golf is an attractive offer. Although this place has an unusual dress code (ties required, trousers optional), these gentlemen appear to be enjoying themselves. Another plus: apparently fivesomes are permitted.

−The Armchair Golfer


Aussie Golfer said...

Love it Neil.

Gives a new meaning to being taken to the dry cleaners!

JHawk said...

Tiger looked well prepared, maybe too well prepared. It is just too soon to fel bad for the cheat that got caught and now blames it on an addition. He just got cought and it looking for an escape route.

What about next time?

How about Tiger's next whine, "I'm a cheat. I fooled all of you dummies. And, I can still beat anyone in the world at the game I play. Now, let's just tee it up!"

Hack said...

One of my fav old photos re: golf.

That and the Stooges one of course:

Scenes from the Past said...

You can swing by and get a high-res copy of this poster here: