Tuesday, March 23

Dietary Changes Turn It Around for Jim Furyk

SOMETIMES IT TAKES TIME to see results, but no one grinds harder or stays more committed to what he’s doing than Jim Furyk. Not long after his last PGA Tour victory at the 2007 Canadian Open, Jim got some pregame-meal advice from former Pittsburgh Steeler Jerome Bettis.

Jim cut out the eggs (too much cholesterol), the pancakes (not good) and the bacon (bad for you, real bad). Although he didn’t see immediate results, he stayed with it and stayed hungry. On Sunday at the Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club in Palm Harbor, Florida, it finally paid off.

Congratulations to that lean mean golfing machine, Jim Furyk, for winning the 2010 Transitions Championship.

−The Armchair Golfer


Mike said...

Personally, I think Jim just figured he could play golf better with fingers than without. Just an observation... 8-D

The Armchair Golfer said...

I'd let Jerome eat off my plate, too.

diane said...

I find it interesting that it took Furyk over 2-1/2 years to see results.