Wednesday, April 28

Krispy Kreme: Breakfast of Masters Champions

I WALK BY THE Krispy Kreme doughnuts. They’re at my local Food Lion on a display in the center of the dairy aisle. I see them, I want them, I pass them. Back in my corporate days, we used to call them fat pills. I can’t eat doughnuts now, not if I want to maintain my figure and cholesterol. (I had a glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut last Saturday.)

Today Phil Mickelson mentioned his post-Masters Krispy Kreme doughnut run. Apparently he did it for the kids, being the doting family man and all. I would do the same thing. Because I also love my kids.

“The three-time Masters champion says he doesn’t eat a lot of carbohydrates or sugars during the tournament,” reported the AP, “which was only a problem because his kids wanted doughnuts. So he made a deal that he would take them to Krispy Kreme on Monday after the Masters.”

And about that green sport coat he was wearing in the drive-thru?

“It was a little chilly, so I threw on a jacket,” Phil said.

−The Armchair Golfer

(Image: Daniel Y. Go/Flickr)


bk said...

I got a kick out of the jacket line. It seems like he's having a good time this year.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Me too, BK. He's definitely having a good time right now.