Wednesday, May 5

I’ll Miss Vince

ANYTHING I COULD POSSIBLY think of to say about Vince Spence, who passed away this week, has already been said so well by so many others. (For a Ryan Ballengee post that includes comments and links to other remembrances, visit Waggle Room.) Vince authored One-Eyed Golfer and made many friends in a short period of time. He loved golf and wrote about it with enthusiasm and self-deprecating wit. He was a generous soul who reached out to me and many others who shared his passion for the game.

Not only did Vince run a blog, he formed a church (photo above). To my knowledge, it was the only joint golf-blog golf-church enterprise. Running a golf church was obviously part of his calling, but I doubt that it was ever easy. Especially forgiving Tiger Woods. (I think he may have lost a few parishioners on that one, even though I believe forgiveness was a central tenet of the One-Eyed Golfer faith.)

God bless you, Vince. Thanks for shaking things up and being so doggone irrepressible and fun.

−The Armchair Golfer


UKWendy said...

I'm agnostic - but I'll say a little prayer for Vince, nonetheless. I can imagine what pithy comment he would make about that! Still stunned by the news.

Robert said...

This is awful. Didn't know this, Neil. I've been offline for a week or so. Vince commented on my blog a lot. I'll miss him and be praying for his family.