Friday, May 14

Name the Player Based on the Shoes and Footwork

NOTE THE SHOES. NOTE the footwork. You can even note the snazzy britches, if you like. Who is the player?

I know this is not an easy assignment so I will give you a couple of hints that may or may not be helpful. The player is not an American. Nor is it Ian Poulter. (But the footwork tells you that, right?)

The photo was snapped on the practice range at the 2006 U.S. Open at Winged Foot.

−The Armchair Golfer

(Image: rgusick/Flickr)


Tom Collins said...

Dear Neil,

I've taken a long time to think about this one, and it's driving me crazy because I just can't figure it out. I want to say Charl Schwartzel, but he isn't sponsored by my formal guess is Graeme McDowell.

Please tell me before I go completely insane.


Tom Collins

Biffo said...

It's Darren Clarke.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Biffo, you are correct. Nicely done. In fact, I'm kind of amazed.

Biffo said...

Well those trousers and shoes narrowed it down - not many pro's would wear pants like that.. and Darren being a big Footjoy man.And I had a hunch it was a fellow Irishman ;)

Great Blog, keep up the good work.

bkuehn1952 said...

I was going to guess Tim Clark, but what do I know. At least I recognized it was a right-handed golfer.

Golfudstyr said...

Offcourse Darren Clarke - cant say it is good looking, but it's Darren Clarke :-) Like we know him. Great blog by the way :-)